Sunday, April 6, 2008

First Blog

I realize the title "Christian Objectivism" may seem a bit self-contradictory. I am not calling myself an adherent to both Rand and Christ, for such a view is impossible. More or less, I am stating that I hold reality as the highest standard of possible known truth, and thus it must be the tool through which all else is interpreted. I am a follower of Rand in many forms, and believe her view of the world is more closely linked to Christianity than most believe. My blog will be a random collection of many different ideas as they come to mind. From my views of the Bible to that of the next election. I look to simply expose my ideas to public scrutiny, so that others may learn from me and I may learn in turn from others. I use this more or less as a vent for all my thoughts that seem to get trapped in todays day and age where intelligent conversation is lacking.